The Summer of 734

Jake Bramante: videographer, climber, computer tech, Montana native and the first documented person to hike all 734 miles of trails in Glacier National Park in one summer.

I recently went to see Bramante talk at REI downtown Seattle where he shared his experience of hiking through Glacier last summer through photos and stories. His goal was not only to hike all the trails in the park, which came out to over a thousand miles worth, but also share his experience through the use of his blog during the project. While parts of his journey he did alone, sometimes he brought friends and family with him, or picked up others in route.

He said he “wanted people to be able to both physically and virtually hike with (him).”

Carrying 15 pounds worth of camera equipment, he was able to share with followers pictures and videos of wildlife, plants, scenery, and friends he’d captured along the way, and share updates on the hikes.

“That’s what was cool about this project,” said Bramante. “Just about every animal I wanted to see I ended up getting to see except for a wolverine which I missed a few times.”

He added jokingly, “I always hate it when people come up for like one day… and they see the animal that nobody else sees. I hike, you know, 1200 miles and I don’t see one.”

He had some amazing footage and photos of Moose “frolicking” as he accurately called it, bears, deer, mountain goats and pika (adorable chinchilla/bunny-looking things).

He shared the ups and downs of doing a project like this, and explained how sometimes it’s worth it to uproot your normal life for a little adventure.

He’s an interesting person, both for his hiking feats and his personable character.

You can check out his blog for the footage and pictures from the project, and if you haven’t yet looked at the REI website for upcoming seminars and classes you should check that out. There’s some interesting ones and previous to starting this blog I didn’t actually know they held these.

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